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Could you be a First Responder?

Sat in the lodge room and the Brother beside you collapses forward. What are you going to do?

Out for a walk and the person in front of you collapses. What are you going to do?

You might have many minutes, you might only have as few as 3 minutes to make a difference.

You are first on the scene, you are now the first responder.

In March the 3 Lodges and Chapter that meet at Tow Law Masonic Hall joined forces together with a handful of local people and asked the North East Ambulance Service to make a visit to explain just what a first responder could do.

The North East Ambulance Service offer training so that if you did find yourself as First Responder you would have a much better chance to help someone.

Alex Mason carefully explained the difference between a heart attack and cardiac arrest, what to look for and what actions to take.

We were given training in CPR and shown how to use a defibrillator and importantly how and when to get to a defibrillator.

The North East Ambulance Service offer this training for free but it was our pleasure to support their charity which helps towards the cost of the provision of community defibrillators, recruiting volunteers and a cadet scheme.

Michael McLaren representing the Lodges and Chapter that meet at Tow Law Masonic Hall giving a cheque for £150 to Alex Mason of the North East Ambulance Service.

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